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Welcome to my shop ~ 

My first email created at about 10 years old was missgroovyc@yahoo.com -- I was infatuated with "hippie culture", which at the time was all because of the way that hippies dress; the bell bottoms, crop tops, bright colors, peace signs, flowers, etc. In 3rd grade, I sang a solo of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" by the Beatles in a play and I got to dress in full hippie attire, which I think is what actually jump started my obsession. After creating my email address, I have had many usernames over the years for different things, such as Miss Groovy, Miss Groovy C, and even Miss Groovie, if by some crazy chance Miss Groovy with a Y was already taken. To this day, I'd say that my overall aesthetic is still very hippie influenced.. and thus, Miss Groovy has turned into Groovyisms. I'm happy you are here to see me bloom :'-) I appreciate you.

My name is Cailyn Campbell and I am from Ohio. I run my business out of my tiny home where I live with my boyfriend Jack, my beagle Strawberry, and my kitties Elliot and Darlene. My inspiration comes from nature, childhood nostalgia, pop culture, places I've visited, and just living a lot of life inside my head and all of the lovely and not-so-lovely things that can sprout from that. I'm doing this because it makes me happy. And that is it.

"You should take it easy on yourself

Enjoy what you're doing

And if you stop enjoying it at some point, hey, no problem,

Don't do it anymore"

-Mac DeMarco